Gems From My Pre-Teen Self

Wow, it has been quiet here for a little while! With wedding planning, work, a writing class, and exciting things like my sister expecting twins (!!) I have not been able to make much time for blogging so far this year. I’m going to change that as soon as the wedding madness is over. I have a lot of health- and psychology-related things I’ve been dying to blog about. But in the meantime, here’s something a little more lighthearted:

I was down in North Carolina this past weekend for a bridal shower hosted by my lovely future mother in law. It was an awesome day, but that’s not what I’m going to write about here. Here, I am going to share some gems from the old journals my sister brought me at the shower. I am taking a memoir class right now and have had some trouble remembering things from middle and high school, so I asked her to dig up my old diaries, and I was not disappointed. A few years ago I found my old LiveJournals and cracked up at how earnest I was as a teenager. Apparently it started even earlier. Below, please enjoy a few inadvertently hilarious excerpts from the diary of a 12 year old:

May 21, 2000

“My friend Erica and I are planning to start a magazine. We’re going to call it “Teen Zine.” I should be working on an article about raccoon dogs right now…But I just realized this morning, that all this is going to cost a lot! We still have to figure out a lot of stuff including how we’re going to get this dough! I think I’ll go procrastinate by eating some ice cream.” (Some things never change.)

June 20th, 2000

“On the last day of school…Jessica and I wrote a REALLY NASTY love note to Josh…We were going to sign it “from your secret admirer,” but Jessica wrote MY name on it. I told her to erase it, and she did, then she went behind my back and put my name on it again and GAVE IT TO HIM!…Mrs. Gold came in our [class]room an said somebody had read it out loud and that Josh is walking around the classroom all big-headed because of it. That made me think – ‘Does he like me?’ That would be totally awesome! I would be so popular! For at least a day. But me and Jessica wrote him notes about how it wasn’t real and all and I asked him if he liked me and I told him he was a great friend – which he is because we have an inside joke about ants that means the world to me.”

January 24, 2001

“I’m trying to start conversations with Andrew whenever I can. But I’m still intimidated a little. I always think I’ll say something stupid. I have 2 remember that’s all he does all day.”

I’m still going through the books, so I’m sure I’ll have some more pearls of wisdom from teenager-me in the near future ;)