Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips

Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips is a journalist and author of The Future of Feeling: Building Empathy in a Tech-Obsessed World, available for preorder now.


Recent Work

Hi! I’m Kaitlin. I’m a journalist and editor living in Raleigh, North Carolina. When I’m not reading, writing or talking about empathy, technology or health policy, I’m baking, hiking or re-watching Bob’s Burgers or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

My work has been featured in lots of places, including VICE, Narratively, The Establishment (R.I.P.), Columbia Journalism Review, Lifehacker, and before I found my health and tech niche, Institutional Investor magazine and Law360. I’ve also written for newspapers (yep, that was possible in my lifetime!) and worked a bit in radio.

I wrote a book called The Future of Feeling: Building Empathy in a Tech-Obsessed World, and it comes out in February. Click here for more info. And click here to sign up for my twice-monthly newsletter.


Health & Science

A Beginner’s Guide to Intuitive Eating
“The power of deprivation when on a diet and the rebellion that comes with being told what to do/eat will cause the diet to fail.”

Science Just Got Closer to Finding Our Empathy Genes
A study provides new evidence for the idea that individual empathy differences are determined, at least in part, by genetics.

Paige and the Virus Hunter
Paige Rogers, a 22-year-old with cystic fibrosis, tried an experimental therapy to treat her constant lung infections. Now she breathes a little easier.


Empathy & Tech

How to Pump Empathy Through Your Earbuds
Podcasts can provide lessons in listening to people you might find it hard to empathize with in person.

Can Virtual Reality Change Minds on Social Issues?

These activists are harnessing the power of VR to tackle everything from abortion to workplace harassment.

The Future of Empathy-Building Tech

The ability to broadcast emotions sounds like science fiction, but scientists believe this reality is closer than we might like to admit.

Can an Algorithm Solve Comment Section Trolling?

New technology could point out how online conversations go south.


Frenemy of the People

A podcast about journalism & trust



“Kaitlin edited my first completed manuscript as a new writer. She is a true professional and provided invaluable feedback on my manuscript. She not only provided editing and proofreading services, but went beyond my expectations, by offering suggestions for improvements to the story, plot and characters. I would highly recommend Kaitlin for any writer seeking her professional services. She has helped me improve my writing and significantly improved the quality of my novel.” - Stephen Seidl, author of a forthcoming novel set in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.


If you’d like to reach me, you can get in touch at kugolik@gmail.com.

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