What I've been up to

It's been a little quiet around here because I've been working on some big things at the magazine that I'd like to share. First, something I can't really take credit for: our redesign. This nearly 50-year-old magazine has a brand new look, both online and in print, and I have to say I'm pretty proud to be associated with it.

Second, something I can take some credit for: this story about the global macro strategy that had many hedge funds struggling over the last few years, but is now making a comeback. Reporting and writing (and rewriting) this was a huge learning experience, and I'm really proud of the final result. (It's behind a paywall, but you should be able to sign up for a free trial if you're interested in reading it.)

And finally, the fruits of a quick and exciting trip down to D.C. to visit the Supreme Court. This story (which is not behind a paywall) is about a 401(k) fee suit before the court that, while it sounds boring, might actually be really interesting to you if you are invested in a 401(k) yourself. An interesting precedent regarding when and how plan sponsors must review the funds in which they're invested could be set here, depending on what the justices decide to do.

I've also been following some interesting health stories, rolling my eyes at wedding planning websites (and voraciously reading some of them…) and, of course, grumbling about feminism. I'll get back to blogging about those things soon!