Retirement, tech, and toilets

I had a pretty prolific week! Thought I'd gather my clips together in one quick post. The stories grow in their level of "fun" as they go on, I promise ;)

First -- Obama has recently come out in favor of a stronger fiduciary standard for retirement advisors. This is a big deal for 401(k) plan participants and pension reformers. The Obama administration has been super vocal about this issue - moreso than any other presidential administration.

Google already knows pretty much everything about you. I recently had a flight scheduled and when I went to Google something that day… there was my flight info at the top of the search page! If that creeps you out at all, you may be interested to know that the company (along with many of its rivals) is planning to branch out into the home security space. It's already working on home automation with its purchase of Nest, but it also recently bought home security camera company Dropcam and may be in talks with ADT to connect Nest to the security company's automated product ADT Pulse. Questions about data and privacy abound...

And last but certainly not least, this week I got to write a story that combined a few things I never thought I'd be allowed to type in an article: Muppets and poop. It's about how Sesame Workshop and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with help from the World Bank, are using a new Muppet named Raya to teach kids and their caregivers in developing countries about sanitation.

Thanks for reading! And I'll be back soon with a new original post.